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Our Values​


Engineering Excellence

Our world-class team is the cornerstone of our success in delivering top-tier Data Centre design engineering and professional services. Committed to our goals and mission, we recognize the paramount importance of achieving a work/life balance and ensuring the wellbeing of our dedicated professionals.

Forging Connectivity

Effective communication forms the bedrock of connectivity, fostering collaboration among colleagues, clients, and the cultivation of innovative ideas. Our unwavering commitment is to actively drive connections, facilitating growth for both ourselves and our clients within the dynamic realm of Data Centre design engineering.

Elevating Standards

Integrity is at the core of our conduct. Upholding strong morals and staying true to our commitments, we create an environment that uplifts both individuals and ideas, perpetually raising the standards within the field of Data Centre design engineering and professional services.


Fostering Curiosity

Navigating various disciplines, sectors, and demographics, our openness to new ideas is vital. Embracing our innate curiosity and actively exploring innovative concepts, we pave the way for greater innovation within the dynamic landscape of Data Centre design engineering.

As a senior member of a global organization with an established history of 40 years in pioneering practices and client engagement, we acknowledge the paramount importance of delivering exceptional services to our clients by harnessing local expertise. Our unwavering dedication to investing in the professional development and recruitment of our staff is a fundamental business tenet that has positioned us as a leading contender in our industry, fostering trust and assurance in our clients, who perceive us not only as consultants but as dependable allies

- Mohamad ElJammal | Managing Partner


Our Story

40 years of innovation

PTS started life as a subsidiary of a London based interior construction company, integrating IT installations into construction programmes. By 1990, we were independent and started to expand our service offerings and export our skills to other countries. Today, we provide a converged approach to technology within the Data Centre and Built Environment and provide ongoing support through PTS Managed Services, all on a global basis.

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